Canopy drives

Red eye flight out of SFO put us into Tallahassee at 10am. Only a few quick naps— the kind you catch yourself falling into only to snap your head up as it begins to sag.

Kerensa’s dad was there at there to pick us up when we arrived.

We took the scenic route to his house. And by scenic, I mean it. I’d forgotten how nice canopy roads are. Tallahassee has several country roads with full canopy for miles.

Sitting in the back seat, enjoying the rush of air and blur of the scenary, I drifted off into some sleep finally.

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And we’re off

Ten years ago, we joined our friends and families together as Kerensa and I came together in marriage.

We’re celebrating with a little road trip adventure. We’ll start our journey at SFO, heading east to Tallahassee, Florida where some furniture and a Budget rental truck await.

We’ll head west, stopping occasionally along the way.

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